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We are a Surf – Kite Adventure and Tour Operator school that has more than 22 years in the market, with soul and social development in the southern Pacific of Costa Rica.

Mission: Develop a differentiated product that exposes the full potential of the southern zone of Costa Rica, benefiting natural and social resources, without altering the environment and natural ecosystems.

Vision: Respect the natural environment and its actors, generating an integration of both in a framework of respect, in order to exhibit the symbiosis of a world-class tourism product, which serves as an example as a company with environmentally conscious mind.

Adventure School Surf & Kite

Our specialty

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I have visited many places like Playa Hermosa de Jaco, and Dominical. But once I came to Punta Saleas Lodge of Pavones Tours I felt I was in the real Costa Rica!
Surf & Photography
I have visited this place several times, and every time I go I am more surprised at the hospitality and good vibes that one can breathe in this place. If you like surfing; This is a good place. If you like Kite this is a good place. But if you want to get out of the routine, I recommend it 100%
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